High Throughput Isolation Kits on the Hamilton STAR Platform

Omega Bio-tek's E.Z.N.A.® and Mag-Bind® chemistries ensure optimal recovery of nucleic acids, even for the most difficult samples.

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The Microlab STAR is a flexible, automated robotic pipetting system that can be adapted to perform various liquid handling tasks, allowing a large number of sample extractions to be run efficiently and accurately.

Magnetic bead-based extraction/purification kits

Filter-based extraction/purification kits

Discover the possibilities

Kits provided by Omega Bio-tek that can be automated on Hamilton Microlab STAR:

E-Z 96® FastFilter Plasmid Kit
Rapidly purify plasmid DNA using 96-well silica plates.

Mag-Bind® Plasmid 96 Kit
A fast, flexible, efficient way to isolate plasmid DNA with magnetic beads.

E-Z 96® Tissue DNA Kit

The simple and economic method for isolation of genomic DNA in a 96-well format

Mag-Bind® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 Kit
Isolate genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA with magnetic beads.

And many more...

Highly customizable and flexible automation platform that accelerates nucleic acid extraction.

Below are just some of the sample types that can be automated:

Human and animal samples

Plant, leaf and seed tissues

Microbial samples

Food and environmental samples

Blood samples