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Automate 192 cfDNA samples in 2 hours

Mag-BIND® cfDNA Kit

  • Rapid: Process 192 samples in 2 hours
  • Bead-based: Scalable DNA purification; 500-4,000 µL input with 50 µL elution volume
  • Quality: Minimal gDNA contamination
  • Automatable: Adaptable on most open-ended liquid handlers
  • Cost-effective: 50% less than the competition, on an average

The Mag-BIND® cfDNA Kit is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of circulating, cell-free DNA from 500-4,00 µL plasma or serum samples. This kit can be processed manually or with automated platforms. The procedure eliminates the need for funnels and vacuum steps, providing hands-free operation in automated protocols. The uniquely formulated binding buffer allows for large sample volumes to be processed in automated formats with 4 mL of serum or plasma being processed in 24-well plates. The high binding capacity of the beads allows for lower volumes of magnetic particles needed, thus reducing the final elution volume required. 4 mL of serum or plasma can be eluted in as low as 50 µL.

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