Description Product No Preps Price
2D Spin-Out Swabs AC7076 100 preps $125.00
E-Z 96® Spin-Out Baskets AC7099 10 x 100 $110.00
E-Z 96® Spin-Out Plate Adaptors AC7088 10 x 96 $130.00



The 2-D Spin-Out Swabs provide a complete solution for the collection and tacking of swabs throughout the DNA extraction process when processed in a high throughput format. The 2-D Spin-Out Swabs integrated with Omega Bio-tek’s E-Z 96® Spin-Out Device offers a fast, convenient way for sample traceability and processing, producing optimal DNA yields.

After sample collection, each 2-D Spin-Out Swab is placed in an individual well of the E-Z 96® Spin-Out Device and the unique integrated 2-D barcode on the cap allows for identification of the sample location within the 96-well plate. The need to manually input a well location and sample ID into your laboratory information management system is completely eliminated.

The E-Z 96® Spin-Out Plate Adaptor’s unique design allows for samples to be raised and lowered into the lysis buffer. When the adaptors are in the lowered position, the samples are submerged in the lysis buffer, allowing for the incubation and lysis of the sample. The adaptor is then raised and locked into place, which raises the baskets above the liquid level so they can be centrifuged to recover the residual liquid from the swabs. After centrifugation, the samples can be easily removed and discarded along with the Spin-Out Adaptor.

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