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The E-Z 96® Cycle Pure Kit procedure allows for the parallel purification of up to 96 PCR samples from multiple amplifications. The E-Z 96® Cycle Pure Kit utilizes multiwell technology for manual or fully automated high-throughput purification. The HiBind® DNA resin selectively adsorbs DNA molecules in an optimized binding buffer (Buffer CP). After a single wash step, pure PCR products are eluted in water or Elution Buffer provided and are ready to use in subsequent applications.

  • Rapid – Purification of up to 96 PCR samples in 30 minutes
  • Efficient – Over 85% recovery of PCR fragments
  • Convenient – No phenol/chloroform extractions
  • Automation-friendly – E-Z 96® DNA plates fit precisely into the VAC-03 vacuum manifold and most standard 96-well plate manifolds for convenient parallel sample processing
  • High quality – DNA is suitable for downstream application

Analysis of PCR products before (c) and after (1, 2, 3, 4) purification with the E-Z 96® Cycle Pure Kit. Samples were analyzed on a 1% TAE precast agarose gel (MA7351). M: High throughput ladder I (M04-01).


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