E-Z 96™ FastFilter Plasmid DNA Kit


The E-Z 96® FastFilter Plasmid Kit is optimized for the parallel preparation of up to 96 plasmid minipreps in one hour. The Lysate Clearance Plate replaces the time-consuming centrifugation involved in clearing of bacterial alkaline lysates. This kit contains all of the components needed for plasmid DNA purification in a 96-well format. Purified plasmid DNA is suitable for the most sensitive downstream applications, such as routine screening or automated DNA sequencing. The E-Z 96® FastFilter Plasmid Kits feature newly designed 96-well DNA plates that are ideal for use with automated liquid handlers.

  • Clear Lysate with E-Z 96® Lysate Clearance Plate
  • No resin, slurries, or alcohol precipitation
  • High-purity plasmid DNA in less than 45 minutes
  • Reproducible yields of molecular biology grade plasmid DNA
  • Fast, easy and convenient protocols

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Product Description


Plasmid DNA purified using the E-Z 96™ FastFilter Plasmid Kit. DNA was isolated from 48 1 mL bacterial cultures grown overnight in LB culture using the E-Z 96™ FastFilter Plasmid Kit and eluted in 150 µL elution buffer. Plasmid DNA (10% of total purified DNA) was analyzed on a 1.0% agarose gel. Lanes 1-48 represent plasmid DNA from 48 different bacterial cultures.