E-Z 96® Spin-Out Baskets


E-Z 96® Spin-Out Baskets provide a fast and convenient way to process buccal swabs, dried blood spots and other solid forensic samples in high throughput DNA extraction workflows. The unique three piece design allows for complete recovery of lysates to maximize DNA yields and also provides easier handling, which reduces overall processing time.

Samples are placed in individual basket tubes which are inserted into the E-Z 96 Spin-Out Plate Adaptors, which array the samples into a 96-well SBS format. When adaptors are in the lowered position, the samples are submerged in the lysis buffer, allowing for the incubation and lysis of the sample. The hinged arms of the adaptors are then raised and locked into position, which lifts the baskets and samples above the liquid level. The E-Z 96 Spin-Out Basket is then centrifuged to recover all the lysate within the buccal swab or other sample to provide optimal DNA yields.

The E-Z 96 Spin-Out Plate Adaptors are compatible with multiple 96-deep well, including Thermo Scientific KingFisher 96-Deep Well Plates and Nunc 96-Deep Well Plates with Shared Well Technology, thus eliminating a transfer step from 96-well plates to the plates used by your liquid handler or magnetic processor.

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E-Z 96 Spin-Out Baskets AC7099 10 x 100 $110.00
E-Z 96 Spin-Out Plate Adaptors AC7088 10 x 96 $130.00
E-Z 96 Spin-Out Combination AC7098 1 plate adaptor & 100 baskets $29.00
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