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The E-Z 96® Total RNA Kit is designed for isolation of total cellular RNA from up to 5 x 106 cultured cells or soft tissues. This kit can process single or multiple samples in less than 60 minutes. Utilizing HiBind® silica plate technology, the need for phenol/chloroform extractions, CsCl gradient ultracentrifugation, and precipitation with isopropanol or LiCl are eliminated. Samples are lysed in a denaturing lysis buffer which inactivates RNases. Binding conditions are adjusted and the lysate is transferred to a 96-well HiBind® RNA Plate where the RNA is purified via three wash steps. High-quality RNA is eluted in RNase-free water. RNA purified using the E-Z 96® Total RNA method is ready for applications such as RTPCR, qPCR, differential display, microarrays, and other downstream applications.

Total purified RNA using the E-Z 96® Total RNA Kit. Purified total RNA from 10 mg chicken liver was isolated with the E-Z 96® Total RNA Kit. Total RNA (500 ng/lane) was analyzed on a 1% agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the RNA.


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