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Modified from the E.Z.N.A.® Cycle Pure Kit, the E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute Cycle Pure Kit is specially designed to purify PCR samples with a small elution volume of 10-15 µL. Highly concentrated DNA eluates are ready to use in all subsequent applications.

  • Elution volumes – 10-15µl
  • Rapid – Purification of PCR products in 10 minutes
  • Convenient – No phenol/chloroform extractions
  • Versatile – Spin and vacuum formats available
  • High-quality – DNA is suitable for downstream application

Effect of elution volume on concentration and recovery using the MicroElute® Cycle Pure Kit. Elution volume versus recovery and DNA yield; 11 µg of 3 kb PCR product was purified using the MicroElute® Cycle Pure protocol and eluted with the indicated volume of elution buffer. The standard protocol uses 15 µL elution buffer because this combines higher yield and higher concentration. The yield can be increased by increasing the elution volume.


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