E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute RNA Clean Up Kit


The E.Z.N.A.® MicroElute RNA Clean-Up Kit is designed to purify and concentrate RNA ( from 50 ug down to picogram amounts) from enzymatic reactions or for desalting RNA Samples (e.g, following the phenol extraction and ethanol precipitation). The procedure uses lower elution volumes, making it well suited for applications require highly concentrated RNA sample.

  • Recovery of RNA from enzymatic reactions in 15 minutes
  • No organic extractions
  • Clean-up RNA isolated by other methods-e.g. crude preps from organic extraction methods
  • Concentrate small amounts of RNA to 10-15ul
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Product Description


Total RNA purified using the MicroElute® RNA Clean Up Kit. Total RNA was purified from 15 µL RNA original solution and eluted in 15 µL elution buffer. Total RNA (2 µL) was analyzed on 1.0% agarose gel. Lanes 1-4: After purification; C: before purification.