E.Z.N.A.® PF miRNA Isolation Kit


The E.Z.N.A.® PF Micro RNA Kit combines the reversible binding properties of HiBind® matrix, a new silica-based material, with the unique lysis and binding procedure to extract micro and large (>200 nt) RNA from a wide variety of starting materials. A specially formulated high-salt lysis and binding buffer system allows more than 100 µg of RNA to bind to the matrix.

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miRNA Isolation Kit yield comparisons. 100,000 human pulmonary artery endothelial cells were plated on a 6-well plate. miRNA was isolated according to each manufacturer’s recommended protocols. Company A’s product was eluted in 100 µL and Omega Bio-tek’s PF miRNA Kit was eluted in 30 µL. Test was performed by a third party independent lab.