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The E.Z.N.A.® Soil RNA Kit is designed to isolate high quality of total RNA from soil samples typically containing humic acid and inhibitor of RT-PCR. This kit uses a novel and proprietary method to isolate total RNA from a variety of environmental samples. This kit has been successfully used to isolated RNA from forest, river, glass, rich soil samples. Isolated RNA can be used for most downstream applications including RT-PCR, Northern Blot.

Total RNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® Soil RNA Kit. Purified total RNA from different soil samples was isolated using the E.Z.N.A.® Soil RNA Kit. RNA was extracted from soil samples as follows: sample 1 from river soil, sample 2 from forest, sample 3 from forest, sample 4 from bamboo soil, sample 5 from wetlands soil, sample 6 from rice soil, sample 7 from turf soil, sample 8 from lake soil, and sample 9 from ocean soil. Total RNA (20% of total purified RNA) was analyzed on a formaldehyde agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the RNA.


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