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The E.Z.N.A.® Ultra-Pure Total RNA Maxi Kit is designed to isolate total cellular RNA from tissues rich in triglycerides and fatty acids such as brain and adipose tissues. However, this kit can also be used for the isolation of total cellular RNA from other type of tissues including cultured eukaryotic cells, animal tissues, or bacteria.

RNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® Ultra-Pure Total RNA Maxi method is ready for applications such as RT-PCR*, Northern blotting, poly A+ RNA (mRNA) purification, nuclease protection assay, and in vitro translation.

The E.Z.N.A.® Ultra-Pure Total RNA Maxi Kit utilizes the reversible binding properties of the HiBind® matrix, a new silica-based material. By combining the high lysis efficiency of RNA-Solv® Reagent with Omega Bio-tek’s innovative HiBind® technology, this kit can extract total cellular RNA from all types of animal or human tissues including fatty tissues such as brain and adipose tissue. A specifically formulated high-salt buffer system allows more than 5 mg RNA molecules greater than 200 bases to bind to the matrix. Cells or tissue are homogenized with RNA-Solv® Reagent that inactivates RNases. After the addition of chloroform, the homogenate is separated into aqueous and organic phases. The aqueous phase, which contains the RNA, is adjusted with ethanol and applied to the HiBind® RNA Maxi Column. The HiBind® matrix binds total RNA while cellular debris and other contaminants are effectively washed away. High-quality RNA is eluted in DEPC Water.


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