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The E.Z.N.A.® Ultra-Sep Gel Extraction Kit is the most economical and convenient system available for the isolation DNA fragments from agarose gel. By combining the silica particle method and the unique gel extraction buffer system, this kit offers an easy and flexible protocol. The gel slice contains DNA band of interest is excised and dissolved in Ultra-Sep Binding Buffer. Sample is then mixed with Ultra-Sep Beads that bind DNA. Following a rapid wash step, DNA is eluted with deionized water or Elution Buffer and is ready for downstream applications such as ligations, PCR amplification, restriction enzyme digestion and various labeling reactions.

  • Rapid – DNA recovery from agarose gel in 20 min
  • Reliable – Optimized buffers guarantee pure DNA
  • Safe – No organic extractions
  • High-quality – Purified DNA suitable for any application
  • Flexible – Less technique dependent
  • Economical – Affordable for most labs

DNA fragment size and recovery rates using the Ultra-Sep Gel Extraction Kit.

DNA fragment recovered from agarose gel using the Ultra-Sep Gel Extraction Kit. Purified DNA was eluted with 30 µL of elution buffer and analyzed on a 3% TBE agarose gel. Lane 1: 50 bp, lane 2: 100 bp, lane 3: 200 bp, lane 4: 300 bp, lane 5: 400 bp. M: Low molecular weight marker.


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