Genomic DNA Buffers

The following products are not available for purchase via the website but can be purchased through phone, fax or email or by contacting a distributor.

Buffer Catalog No. Size Price
Buffer TL PD061 100mL $44.00
Buffer BL PD062 100mL $124.00
Buffer NL PD071 100mL $24.00
Buffer XL PD072 100mL $63.00
Buffer SP2 PD073 60mL $69.00
Buffer SP3 PD074 100mL $74.00
Buffer P1 PD075 250mL $56.00
Buffer P2 PD076 60mL $69.00
Buffer P3 PD077 100mL $74.00
Buffer SP1 PD086 250mL $56.00
Buffer WTL PD087 1000mL $303.00
Buffer PCP PD088 350mL $247.00
Buffer EB PD089 500mL $167.00
RNase A PD090 5mL $320.00
Nuclease Free Water PD092 1 L $18.00
ML1 Buffer ML1-100 100 mL $42.00
HBC Buffer PD099 160 mL $33.00
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