Product Update: Mag-BIND® TotalPure NGS is the updated version which can clean up DNA or RNA and can also size select. For new customers, we recommend Mag-BIND® TotalPure NGS. Omega Bio-tek will continue to support Mag-BIND® RxnPure Plus for our existing customers.

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Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-BIND® RxnPure Plus Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation DNA from PCR* and other enzymatic reactions with high yield. The system combines Omega Bio-tek’s proprietary DNA extraction chemistries with the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of magnetic beads that selectively bind PCR amplicons 100 bp and larger and eliminate excess nucleotides, primers, and nonspecific products such as primer dimers.

This kit is designed for both manual and fully automated protocols and may not require reprogramming of liquid handling instruments depending on your current method.

The Mag-BIND® RxnPure Plus is compatible with multiple liquid handlers and magnetic processors such as Hamilton STAR/STARlet and Beckman Coulter Biomek FX/NX.

  • Removes excess primers, primer-dimers, dNTPs and salts
  • Does not require centrifugation/filtration steps
  • Can be adapted and scaled to most standard liquid handling robots
  • Available in 96- or 384- well format

10 µL of 50 bp ladder was purified with Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-BIND® RXNPure Plus Kit and a comparable kit from Company A according to manufacturer’s recommended protocols. The DNA was eluted in 20 µL and analyzed on the Agilent TapeStation® 2200.

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