Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA 96 Kit


The Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit is designed for the rapid and reliable isolation of viral RNA and viral DNA from whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva and other body fluids. The Mag-Bind® magnetic bead technology enables purification of high-quality nucleic acids that are free of proteins, nucleases and other impurities. In addition to being easily adapted with automated systems, this procedure can also be scaled up or down depending on the amount of starting sample. The purified nucleic acids are ready for direct use in downstream applications such as amplification or other enzymatic reactions.

Product Number Preps Price
M6246-01 1 x 96 $229.00
M6246-02 4 x 96 $732.00
M6246-03 12 x 96 $2056.00

Product Description


HBV virus (in quantities of 10 and 1 infectious unit[s]) was spiked into 200 µL of human serum. Viral nucleic acid was isolated with Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit and with a comparable kit from Company A according to recommended protocols. 5 µL of template was used for a SYBR Green-labled qPCR reaction which was replicated 4 times. The resulting mean Ct values are shown in the above figure.


Nucleic acid was isolated from 200 µL of human whole blood with Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Kit and a comparable kit from Company A using the manufacturer’s recommended protocols. The extractions were eluted in 100 µL. Three concentrations of template were used as templates in a SYBR Green-labeled qPCR reaction. Each reaction was performed in quadruplicateand the mean Ct value is depicted in the above figure.