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2X Taq Master Mix is a premixed 2X concentrated solution of Taq DNA Polymerase (Omega Bio-tek, Cat. No. TQ2100), Reaction Buffer, MgCl₂, dNTPs, stabilizer, and enhancer.  2X Taq Master Mix contains all components for PCR, except dNA template and primers.  The mixture is optimized for consistent and efficient routine PCR amplifications.  It can amplify up to 8 kb fragments from lambda DNA.  For a 50 µL reaction, simply add 25 µL of 2X Taq Master Mix to primers, DNA template, and PCR-quality water.  In addition, 2X Taq Master Mix (with dye) can be used to diretly load the PCR products onto an agarose gel without the need to add a gel loading buffer.

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2X PCR Taq Mixture


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