Plant Direct PCR Kit


The Plant Direct PCR Kit contains all the reagents required to rapidly extract and amplify genomic DNA from plant leaves.  DNA is extracted by submersing the leaf tissue in Extraction Solution and incubating at 55°C for 10 minutes, followed by 95°C for 5 minutes.  After an equal volume of the PT3 Buffer is added to the extract to neutralize inhibitory substances, the extract is ready for PCR.  An aliquot of the diluted extract is then combined with the 2X Taq Master Mix and user provided PCR primers to amplify target DNA. 2X Taq Master Mix is a 2X Reaction Mix containing buffer, salts, dNTPs, and Taq DNA Polymerase. It is optimized specifically for use with the extraction reagents.

  • Speed – ready for PCR in 30 minutes
  • Convenience – eliminates long DNA extraction process
  • Reliable – consistent amplification results
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Product Description


Plant tissue direct PCR amplification. 1: rice seed, 2: rice leaf, 3: corn seed, 4: corn leaf. M: DL2000 DNA Marker. C1: Purified DNA of control sample. 10% PCR product were loaded onto 1% agarose gel.


Amplification using DNA that was extracted using E.Z.N.A.® Plant Direct PCR Kit as template, 10% PCR product was loaded into 1% agarose gel. M: DL2000 DNA marker. C1: Positive control.