RNase-free DNase I Set

RNase-free DNase Set I is optimized for use with our E.Z.N.A.® Total RNA protocols by removing the contaminating DNA from the RNA preparations. Generally, RNA purified with HiBind® RNA mini columns do not require further DNase I digestion as our silica-based spin column technology efficiently removes the majority of the DNA. However, for certain RNA applications sensitive to small amounts of DNA, further DNA removal can be achieved with this DNase I digestion protocol.

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Product Number Preps Price
E1091 50 (1500 units) $84.00
E1091-02 200 (6000 units) $301.00

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Product Description

Contains Dnase 1 Enzyme and Dnase Digestion Buffer Concentration: 20 Kunitz/µL Storage/Stability: Store Enzyme at -20°C. Dnase Digestion Buffer can be stored at room temperature or -20°C.