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Buffer Catalog No. Size Description Price
Solution 1 PS001 250 mL Resuspension Buffer $39.00
Solution 2 PS002 250 mL Lysis Buffer for Plasmid DNA Kits $39.00
Solution 3 PS003 250 mL Neutralization Buffer for Silica Spin Column Methods $52.00
Neutralization Buffer PS004 mL Neutralization Buffer for Anion Exchange or Alcohol Precipitation Methods $39.00
DNA Wash buffer Concentration PS010 100 mL Low Salt Spin Column Wash Solution(makes 500 mL) $26.00
GBT Buffer PS015 100 mL Binding Buffer for E.Z.N.A. FastFilter Plasmid DNA Kits $66.00
N3 Buffer PS095  250 mL Neutralization Buffer for E.Z.N.A. FastFilter and Endo-Free Kits $39.00
Rnase A AC117  400 µL Rnase A for E.Z.N.A Plasmid DNA Kits $19.00
HBC Buffer PD099 160 mL High Salt Wash Buffer:  Makes 224 mL $34.00

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Cross Reference Guide

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