Strip Caps and Strip Tube Racks

Catalog No Product Quantity Price
SSI-1702-00  1.2mL 8-Strip Caps;125 strips/bg; 10pk/cs PK/CS $190.00
SSI-1702-S0  1.2mL 8-Strip Caps; Sterile; 125 strips/bg; 10pk/cs CS $222.00
SSI-1703-00  1.2mL 12-Strip Caps; 80 strips/bg; 10pk/cs CS $192.00
SSI-1703-S0  1.2mL 12-Strip Caps; Sterile 80 strips/bg; 10pk/cs CS $222.00
SSI-1760-00  1.2mL 8-Strip Tube Rack;10rks/pk; 10pk/cs PK/CS $429.00
SSI-1760-S0 1.2mL 8-Strip Tube Rack; Sterile 10rks/pk; 10pk/cs CS $485.00
SSI-1770-00  1.2mL 12-Strip Tube Rack;10rks/pk; 10pk/cs CS $429.00
SSI-1770-S0 1.2mL 12-Strip Tube Rack; Sterile 10rks/pk; 10pk/cs CS $485.00 

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