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M2839-00 1×96 $269.00
M2839-01 4×96 $1000.00


The Mag-Bind® Blood RNA 96 Kit is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of total and viral RNA from mammalian whole blood. The Mag-Bind® bead technology provides high-quality RNA, which is suitable for direct use in most downstream applications, such as amplifications and enzymatic reactions. These protocols can be easily adapted to an automated system and the procedure can be scaled up or down.

Total RNA purified using the Mag-Bind® Blood RNA 96 Kit. Purified total RNA from 0.2 mL human blood was isolated with the Mag-Bind® Blood RNA Kit. Total RNA (10% of total purified RNA) was analyzed on a 1% agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the RNA. M: DL2000 DNA Marker.


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