E.Z.N.A.® Yeast DNA Kit


The E.Z.N.A.® Yeast DNA Kit is comprised of a quick and efficient lysis procedure to isolate of high-quality genomic, YAC, or plasmid DNA from yeast. There are no organic extractions, thus reducing plastic waste and hands-on time to allow for reliable isolation of total cellular DNA from a wide variety of yeast species. Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, and hybridization techniques to be processed in parallel.

  • Reliable – Reproducible DNA purification from variety of sample sources
  • High yield – Glass beads and enzymatic digestion for cell lysis
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Product Description


Genomic DNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® Yeast DNA Kit. Purified genomic DNA was isolated with the E.Z.N.A.® Yeast DNA Kit. Various yeast was cultured in 3 mL PDA culture medium for 20h for each of the following samples: sample 1 from S. cerevisae, sample 2 from P. pastoris, sample 3 from Candida rugosa, sample 4 from R. glutinis and sample 5 from Nematspora gossypii. Genomic DNA (10% of total purified DNA) was analyzed on a 0.8% agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the DNA.