Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-tek, Inc. has been at the forefront of nucleic acid purification. Our goal is to offer customers high quality, convenient and cost-effective products for all of their nucleic acid purification needs. Our diverse portfolio consists of 800+ products ranging from RNA isolation from plants to DNA extraction from dried blood spots. With the ability to offer individual components separately and to customize kits, we can help reduce waste and increase productivity.

The Omega Bio-tek Difference

  • Economical: On average, Omega Bio-tek's products cost 30% less than the competition.
  • Individual components: We sell kit components separately.
  • Customizable: For large customers, we can generate custom packaging, kits, reagents, etc.
  • Product range: Alternative options for almost all of your nucleic acid purification needs.

We offer products utilizing the following technologies: