Plant cultivar (varieties of plants created through selective breeding) identification was traditionally performed using..


Aquaculture is a method for breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants.


A biobank is a collection of biospecimens directly linked to one’s personal health information that are held for medical..


Clean-up Kits remove inhibitors and other impurities from nucleic acid samples to improve the outcomes of downstream..


Nucleic acids purified from soil and water samples can give conservationists a method of analyzing the microbiome..

Food Safety

Nucleic acid purification plays a role in food safety by allowing the identification of molecules present in the food samples.


Nucleic acid purification plays a crucial role in oncology by enabling the extraction and analysis of DNA and RNA from..

Pathogen Detection

Pathogen detection allows scientists to identify the presence of specific types of pathogens within samples that come from..

Precision Medicine

Researchers analyze purified nucleic acids to identify molecular markers that can help identify disease stage, treatment..

Prenatal Testing

Nucleic acid purification is an essential component of prenatal testing as it allows for the extraction and analysis of fetal..

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