Application Notes

Product NumberSampleAutomationTitleLinkhf:doc_tagshf:tax:dlp_document_sample-typehf:tax:dlp_document_automation-platform
M6955FFPEnoneComparison Analysis of Yield, Quality and Next Generation Sequencing from FFPE Samples Using Three Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kitsm6955ffpemanual
D4616FoodnoneReliable Isolation of DNA from Complex Food Matrices Using Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® Food DNA Kitd4616foodmanual
D2411PlantnoneRapid, High Performance and Cost-Effective Plant DNA Extractionsd2411plantmanual
D5625SoilnoneSuperior Performance of Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® Soil DNA Kitd5625soilmanual
M1130PlantHamilton RoboticsAutomated, High Throughput SNP Genotyping of Zea maysm1130planthamilton-robotics
M1378DNA Clean-upTecanAutomated DNA Cleanup for PCR and NGS Workflows: Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGS on Tecan Fluent® 780 Workstationm1378dna-clean-uptecan
M1378RNA Clean-upnoneIn vitro Transcribed RNA Cleanup with Mag-Bind® TotalPure NGSm1378rna-clean-upmanual
M1386DNA Clean-up, StoolHamilton RoboticsOptimized Magnetic Bead-Based DNA Clean Up with Low Elution Volumes on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR®m1386dna-clean-up stoolhamilton-robotics
M3298cfDNA, SerumnoneExtraction & Quality Analysis of Circulating, Cell-Free DNA from Serum Samples Using Omega Bio-tek Kitsm3298cfdna serummanual
M4016StoolThermo Fisher ScientificHigh Throughput Solution for DNA Extraction from Stool Samples Using Magnetic Beadsm4016stoolthermo-fisher-scientific
M4029StoolMagXtractMagXtract® 3200 Application Showcase: Automated extraction of bacterial DNA from stool samples using Omega Bio-Tek’s Mag-Bind® Universal Pathogen 96 Kitm4029stoolmagxtract
M4029ViralMagXtractMagXtract® 3200 Application Showcase: Automated viral RNA extraction and PCR setup using Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Universal Pathogen 96 Kitm4029viralmagxtract
M6399SwabsHamilton Robotics, QiagenComplete High Throughput Pharmacogenomics Workflow: From Sample to Resultsm6399swabhamilton-robotics qiagen
M6399SwabsHamilton RoboticsComprehensive, High Throughput Workflow for Automated gDNA Isolation from iSWAB Oral Samplesm6399swabhamilton-robotics
M6399Whole BloodHamilton RoboticsDNA Extraction from Whole Blood on Hamilton’s Microlab® STAR®m6399whole-bloodhamilton-robotics
M6399SwabsHamilton Robotics, QiagenHigh Throughput Workflows for DNA Extractions from Oral Samplesm6399swabhamilton-robotics qiagen
M6399SwabsHamilton RoboticsA Simple, User-Friendly, High Throughput DNA Extraction Workflow Using 2-D Barcoded Buccal Swabs on Hamilton’s Firefly NIMBUS® 96m6399swabhamilton-robotics
R6812Cultured Cells, TissuenoneA Performance Comparision Study: Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit (R6812) vs. Qiagen’s RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (74134)r6812cultured-cells tissuemanual
R6834RNAnoneRoom Temperature Storage & Shipping of Purified RNAr6834rnamanual
M1130PlantQiagenRapid, High Performance and Cost-Effective Plant DNA Extractionsm1130plantqiagen
M6399Whole BloodTecanHigh Throughput, Automated DNA Extraction Solution from Whole Blood Samples Using Omega Bio-tek’s Reagents on Tecan Fluent 780 Workstationm6399whole-bloodtecan
M6399SalivaHamilton RoboticsFully automated DNA extraction solution from Omega Bio-tek using saliva stabilized in Biomatrica’s Salivagard HT DNA collection tubesm6399salivahamilton-robotics
M5645Environmental, Soil, WaternoneMagnetic bead-based solution for DNA extraction from environmental samples using Mag-Bind® Environmental DNA 96 Kit from Omega Bio-tekm5645environmental soil watermanual
M3298cfDNAnoneStrategies for retrieving cfDNA of short fragment lengths using Mag-Bind® cfDNA Kit from Omega Bio-tekm3298cfdnamanual
M1378DNA Clean-upnoneEvaluation of Omega Bio-tek Mag-Bind TotalPure NGS Beadsm1378dna-clean-upmanual
M6399PFSwabsThermo Fisher ScientificAutomated DNA Extraction Workflow Using Rhinostics’ HIPPOstic Swabs and Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ Prefilled 96 Kitm6399pfswabthermo-fisher-scientific
B6399Saliva, Whole BloodOmega Biotek MagBinder Fit24Streamlined DNA Extraction from Whole Blood and Saliva on Omega Bio-tek’s MagBinder Fit24 Automation Platformb6399saliva whole-bloodomega-biotek-magbinder-fit24
B3298cfDNA, PlasmaOmega Biotek MagBinder Fit24cfDNA Extraction Simplified: An Automated Workflow on Omega Bio-tek’s MagBinder Fit24 Platformb3298cfdna plasmaomega-biotek-magbinder-fit24
M3298cfDNA, PlasmaHamilton RoboticsAutomated cfDNA Purification from up to Ninety-six, 4 mL Plasma Samples Using the Mag-Bind® NAP STARm3298cfdna plasmahamilton-robotics
M6399Whole BloodTecanStreamlined Automated Genomic DNA Extraction from Whole Blood Samples – Automated genomic DNA extraction on the DreamPrep® NAP Workstation using Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Blood & Tissue DNA HDQ 96 kit.m6399whole-bloodtecan
M6219Swabs, ViralTecanEfficiently automating High-throughput Viral RNA Purificationm6219swab viraltecan
B3298, M3298PlasmaOmega Biotek MagBinder Fit24Using ddPCR to Detect Rare Variant Alleles in cfDNA Samples on the MagBinder Fit24 Platformb3298 m3298plasmaomega-biotek-magbinder-fit24
M3292Whole BloodOmega Biotek MagBinder Fit24Automated DNA Purification Solution from 2 mL Whole Blood Using Omega Bio-tek’s Reagents on the MagBinder® Fit24 Platformm3292whole-bloodomega-biotek-magbinder-fit24
B3298, B3298CEIVDPlasma, Whole BloodOmega Biotek MagBinder Fit24cfDNA Purification from Different Blood Collection Tubes: A Compatibility Study of Omega Bio-tek’s Extraction Chemistry on the MagBinder® Fit24 Platformb3298 b3298ceivdplasma whole-bloodomega-biotek-magbinder-fit24


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