Pathogen Detection

Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Pathogen Detection

Pathogen detection allows scientists to identify the presence of specific types of pathogens within samples that come from a myriad of sources.

  • PCR: the amplification of extracted pathogen DNA and RNA enables clinicians and researchers to identify the type of pathogen present.
  • NGS: next-generation sequencing allows researchers to analyze the genomic library of pathogens from complex samples.

Drug resistance testing: downstream applications like PCR and NGS provide critical information on the level of drug resistance that may be present within a pathogen’s genome.

Other applications of pathogen detection include:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Food and Water Safety
  • Disease outbreak identification and surveillance

Implications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Pathogen Detection

  • Efficient, high-quality nucleic acid extraction plays a critical role in pathogen detection.
  • Methods for identifying and monitoring the presence of pathogens has implications in public health, as well as the food supply chain and environmental conservation.
  • Products like the Mag-Bind Universal Pathogen Kit and Mag-Bind Viral RNA Xpress Kit are used to detect pathogens and viruses from a range of samples, allowing comprehensive detection and monitoring of pathogens.

Omega Bio-tek Products for Pathogen Detection


Saliva, Plasma, Serum, and Bodily Fluids

Plasma, Serum, Tissue, Stool, and Bodily Fluids


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