Precision Medicine

Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Precision Medicine

Biomarker discovery:

  • Researchers analyze purified nucleic acids to identify molecular markers that can help identify disease stage, treatment response, and other patient outcomes.


  • High quality nucleic acid purification is crucial for NGS. Genome analysis achieved with NGS can help identify genetic variations in tumors, like mutations.

Companion Diagnostics:

  • Isolating a patient’s DNA can be used to predict if a patient will benefit from a targeted therapy.

Implications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Precision Medicine

  • High quality nucleic acid purification is beneficial to precision medicine in a myriad of ways.
  • Early disease detection:
  • Sampling methods like liquid biopsy can allow clinicians to detect a disease like cancer at its earliest stages.
  • Targeted therapies:
  • Identifying and analyzing genetic markers allows researchers to develop treatments that can be precisely targeted to a patient’s ailment.
  • Omega Bio-tek’s products are able to extract high yielding and high-quality nucleic acids from a wide range of samples that are free of inhibitors, ensuring their success in these downstream applications.

Omega Bio-tek Products for Precision Medicine Applications


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