MagBinder® Fit24 Nucleic Acid Purification System

Elevate your laboratory experience with the MagBinder® Fit24 Nucleic Acid Purification System. Efficiency, affordability, precision, and reliability, all in one powerful instrument. Order yours now and unlock the future of automated nucleic acid purification!

Two models available, Research Use and CE-IVD Marked.

• Flexible purification of 1 to 24 high or low volume samples
• Easy-to-use with programmable interface
• Process a wide range of sample types using any Mag-Bind kit
• Faster setup using pre-filled MB Fit24™ cartridges

Order yours now, fill out the form below and unlock the future of nucleic acid purification!

Research and IVD Ready

The MagBinder® Fit24 is not just an instrument, it is your solution to more efficient, automated workflows, specifically designed for nucleic acid purification for research applications, and in countries that accept CE-IVD, in vitro diagnostic applications. Tailored for use in laboratories that cannot justify a high-throughput solution, it brings efficiency to your research protocols.

Simple and Efficient

Experience efficient nucleic acid purification with the MagBinder® Fit24 Nucleic Acid Purification System. Our affordable, state-of-the-art instrument utilizes 24 magnetic rods coordinated to pick-up, transfer, and release magnetic particles within reagent cartridge wells, ensuring a reliable and streamlined process for DNA and RNA purification. Accommodating 1 to 24 samples simultaneously, the MagBinder® Fit24 is compatible with a range of sample types, thanks to Omega Bio-tek’s line of magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction cartridges and kits.

Turnkey Solution

Get to processing samples faster with seamless integration of specially designed MB Fit24TM cartridges. The MagBinder® Fit24 comes complete with validated, pre-loaded scripts for MB Fit24TM cartridges, allowing faster set-up time and less manual intervention.

Flexibility at its Finest

Designed to work seamlessly with Omega Bio-tek Mag-Bind® kits, the MagBinder® Fit24 presents a flexible, programmable platform. The user-friendly interface empowers effortless programming on new protocols directly on the instrument. A  more turnkey solution can be achieved using our optimized or customized protocols for any Mag-Bind® kit, supported by our Field Application Scientists.

Have any questions about instrument protocols? Reach out to an Omega Bio-tek Field Application Scientist for support:

Model: MagBinder® Fit24
Magnetic bead-based processing
1–24 samples
5 mL or 10 mL reagent cartridges + 2 mL elution tube
Sample volume (µL)
50 µL – 10,000 µL
Heat block
Ambient temperature to 100°C
Temperature accuracy
Electrical safety
Conforms to the following requirements:
EN IEC 61326-1
EN IEC 61326-2-6
EN IEC 61010-1
EN IEC 61010-2-101
Operation interface
7-inch touch screen, 3 shortcut keys and mouse is available
Internal memory
Up to 8 protocols in shortcut screen with the ability to store up to 100 protocols
Protocol import
Standard USB
Protocol management
Ability to create new, edit, delete, and/or save protocols
UV light
Internal fan
Max input power
Dimension (W x D x H)
400 mm x 530 mm x 480 mm
Weight (kg)
34 kg


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Product Information

Document NameDocumentSKULanguagesLink
Quick GuideProduct ManualB1English
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1English
MagBinder® Fit24 – Automated, high-volume DNA & RNA purification BrochureProduct LiteratureB1, B3298, B6399English
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDEnglish
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDDanish
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDFinnish
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDFrench
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDGerman
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDItalian
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDNorwegian
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDSpanish
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDHungarian
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDGerman
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDFrench
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDFinnish
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDDanish
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDEnglish
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDPortuguese
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDDutch
Operations ManualProduct ManualB1CEIVDSwedish
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDItalian
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDNorwegian
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDSpanish
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDSwedish
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDDutch
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDHungarian
Quick Start GuideProduct ManualB1CEIVDPortuguese

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