Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Oncology

Nucleic acid purification plays a crucial role in oncology by enabling the extraction and analysis of DNA and RNA from tumor samples. These extractions enable several downstream applications:

  • Tumor profiling: cfDNA isolation gives way to analysis of specific genes, mutations, and alterations associated with cancer development and progression.
  • Targeted therapy: matching therapies to the genomic profile of the tumor improves treatment response rates and minimizes unnecessary treatments.

Implications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Oncology

  • Solid biopsies of tumors are typically stored in FFPE, which can limit the amount of sample available for testing.
  • Liquid biopsies are typically used to sample cfDNA which occurs in small amounts near the tumor.
  • These limitations in access to large amounts of samples can dampen the downstream potential of these extractions.
  • Products like the Mag-Bind FFPE DNA/RNA Kit and Mag-Bind cfDNA Kit are able to extract high quality nucleic acids from these samples, even if they occur in small amounts.


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