Mag-Bind® Blood DNA HV Kit CE IVD

About the Mag-Bind® Blood DNA HV Kit CE IVD

The Mag-Bind® Blood DNA HV Kit CE IVD is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from up to 4 mL whole blood samples. Mag-Bind® Particles CH provide a quick magnetic response time reducing overall processing time. This system combines the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of Mag-Bind® paramagnetic particles with the time-proven efficiency of Omega Bio-tek’s DNA isolation system to provide a fast and convenient method to isolate DNA. Utilizing paramagnetic particles provides high-quality DNA that is suitable for direct use in most downstream applications, such as amplification and enzymatic reactions. The 4 mL whole blood protocol has been successfully automated on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR™.

M3292-03CEIVDMag-Bind® Blood DNA HV Kit CE IVD4 x 24


Starting AmountUp to 4 mL
Starting MaterialWhole blood and saliva
Yield300 µg
Elution Volume1-2 mL
TechnologyMagnetic beads
Processing ModeAutomated, Manual
NoteCH beads

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