Key Environmental Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification


  • Nucleic acids purified from soil and water samples can give conservationists a method of analyzing the microbiome of the surrounding environment.

Water Quality:

  • DNA extracted from water samples allows researchers to identify the presence of microorganisms which have implications on pollution levels.

Animal identification:

  • DNA extracted from stool found in the environment allows conservationists to monitor the presence and population level of specific species of animals.
  • Wastewater Monitoring

Implications of Environmental Nucleic Acid Purification

  • Isolating DNA and RNA from environmental samples can be particularly difficult, similar to difficulties presented by plant samples.
  • Inhibitors found in the samples are difficult to remove and can dampen the DNA or RNA’s potential for use in downstream applications.
  • Products like the Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96, E.Z.N.A. Soil DNA, and E.Z.N.A. Water DNA Kits are able to extract high-quality DNA from environmental samples, eliminating any inhibitors.

Omega Bio-tek Products for Environmental Applications


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