Food Safety

Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Food Safety

Nucleic acid purification plays a role in food safety by allowing the identification of molecules present in the food samples.

  • Purification and downstream PCR can be used to identify the presence of:
    • Pathogens
    • Allergens
    • GMO’s

Identification of these molecules plays a large part in quality control of food production and distribution.

Implications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Food Safety

  • Without efficient and high-quality methods for extracting DNA and RNA for food safety testing, the supply chain of food production would be easily threatened.
  • Similarly, GMO testing allows food production to be optimized by increasing the output, quality, and hardiness of crops and livestock.
  • The E.Z.N.A. Food DNA Kit can extract high-quality DNA that is suitable for downstream applications like safety or GMO testing.

Omega Bio-tek Products for Food Safety Applications


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