Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Agriculture

Crop Breeding

  • Plant cultivar (varieties of plants created through selective breeding) identification was traditionally performed using only the physical features of a plant, leading to mistakes in ID for cultivars that closely resemble each other
    • Seed purity identification uses DNA molecular markers to reflect the differences in DNA among cultivars of crops, leading to definitive ID’s
  • Genetic mapping and modification are used to optimize methods of selective breeding to increase crop output, quality, and pest resistance.
    • Commercialization of transgenic technology lowers the cost of agriculture and crop production.

Key Applications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Livestock Agriculture

Disease diagnosis and prevention

  • Timely diagnosis and treatment of sickness in livestock is imperative for optimal growth and development of the animals.
  • DNA collected from animal stool or tissues is used for Point of Care testing for infectious diseases.
  • Timely identification of a positive test allows livestock farmers to quarantine the infected animals, preventing further spread.

Similarly to plants, DNA can also be used in livestock for selective breeding purposes.

Implications of Nucleic Acid Purification in Agriculture

  • Nucleic acids from plants can be especially difficult to isolate, as plant tissue often contains a number of inhibitors like polysaccharides, polyphenolic compounds, and humic substances.

  • Stool samples from livestock face similar issues of having high inhibitor content like lipids, acids, and polyphenols.

  • Our products address these difficulties with specialized chemistries designed for eliminating these inhibitors, leading to high-quality nucleic acid isolation.


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