Delivering Innovations in Nucleic Acid Purification

Over 25 years providing the exceptional support and high-quality products you deserve.


Our vision is to become the leading global provider of high-quality nucleic acid purification products and support.


Our mission is to continuously innovate solutions for nucleic acid purification while providing an unparalleled customer experience.



Our learning organization strives to transform our business every three years.


Our mistakes are an opportunity for process improvement to better exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our success is built upon the contributions of all our team members.


Our team members are rewarded for exceptional effort.


Our commitment is to develop an open, lasting relationship to better serve our customers..


Our employees put family first, and our teamwork ensures our customers don’t come second.


Our dynamic work environment promotes creativity and work-life balance. Our belief that every team member plays an important role in the company’s success creates an environment that promotes personal growth and building rewarding careers.



Qi (“Ken”) Guo
Founder & CEO

Founded Omega Bio-tek in 1998. Actively manages the Company’s vision and strategic direction as well as spearheads the Company’s research and development efforts. Attended the Ph.D. program at Louisiana State University and received his Master’s Degree from Sun-Yat Sen University.

Travis Butts
Vice President

Joined Omega Bio-tek as the Company’s fourth employee in 2006 and has held numerous positions during his tenure, such as Product Manager and Business Director. Oversees the strategic direction and day-to- day operations of the Company. Holds a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from the University of Georgia

Alyson Brock
Operations Director

Joined Omega Bio-tek in 2011 and has held various positions during her tenure, such as Operations Supervisor and Operations Manager. Oversees manufacturing, ensuring only the highest quality products reach customers. Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University

Rose Wamback Becton
Sales & Marketing Director

Joined Omega Bio-tek in 2010 and has held several positions during her tenure, such as Account Representative and North American Sales Manager. Oversees the domestic and international sales efforts as well as the marketing and field applications teams. Holds a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University.

Kendra Caldarella
Director of Talent and Programs

Joined Omega Bio-tek in 2020 and oversees the Human Resources and Project Management functions for the Company. Previously ran HR Operations at Kinetix, a recruitment outsourcing firm. Holds a Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania State University.

Julie Baggs, Ph.D.
Scientific Director

Joined Omega Bio-tek in 2014. Oversees product research and development as well as functional product quality testing. Previously was a Research Associate at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.

Ernesto Santiago,
CPA Finance Director

Joined Omega Bio-tek in 2021. Oversees all functions related to accounting, finance and information technology. Previously was a Finance Manager at Avanos Medical. Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Puerto Rico

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