MB Fit24™ cfDNA Kit CE IVD

About the MB Fit24™ cfDNA Kit CE IVD

The MB Fit24™ cfDNA Kit CE IVD is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of circulating DNA from up to 4 mL plasma/serum samples with the use of the MagBinder® Fit24 Nucleic Acid Purification System. This kit is automation-ready with prefilled with Mag-Bind® cfDNA Kit reagents arrayed into a ready-to-use reagent cartridge specifically configured for the MagBinder® Fit24 instrument to provide faster and consistent results. This procedure provides a semi-automated extraction workflow for processing up to 24 samples in less than 55 minutes once loaded onto the MagBinder® Fit24.

The MB Fit24™ cfDNA Kit CE IVD enhances ease of use, convenience, and extraction accuracy and reduces hands-on time by skipping reagent preparation and buffer dispensing steps. The samples are lysed offline, and lysate is transferred to the reagent well containing the binding buffer. The uniquely formulated binding buffer allows for large sample volumes to be processed in semi-automated format with up to 4 mL plasma or serum being processed in one reagent cartridge without sample splitting.

The magnetic properties of the Mag-Bind® Particles CH enable fast magnetic separation, especially during steps involving large volumes. The high-binding capacity decreases the amount of magnetic particles required thereby reducing the elution volume. Up to 4 mL plasma or serum can be eluted in as little as 50 μL. This system combines the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of Mag-Bind® paramagnetic particles with a unique binding system that targets smaller DNA fragments (150-400 bp) and minimizes binding of larger fragments such as genomic DNA. The purified cfDNA is of high-quality and is suitable for direct use in most downstream applications such as PCR, digital PCR, next generation sequencing, etc.

The MagBinder® Fit24 instrument is preprogrammed with purification protocols that are optimized to work with both prefilled as well as user filled reagent cartridges. The instrument requires the user to select the appropriate protocol depending on the kit being used. If using the MB Fit24™ cfDNA Kit CE IVD for sample volumes other than those listed in this manual, please contact your Omega Bio-tek representative for preprocessing instructions.

B3298-10-48PFCEIVD MB Fit24™ Blood & Tissue DNA Kit CE IVD 48 preps
Feature  Specifications 
Starting amount  Up to 4 mL plasma/serum 
Elution Volume  50-100 uL 
Technology  Magnetic Beads 
Processing Mode  Automated 
Throughput  1-24 
Estimated offline Processing  40 minutes 
Online Processing Time  53 minutes 
Note  Downstream applications: NGS, qPCR 

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