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Better Performance

Most products offer performance advantages ranging from increased downstream sensitivity to faster processing times.

Application Support

Consultation, scripting and installation of automated methods onsite by our expert applications scientists. Demos and automated testing available on our in-house platforms.

Flexible Product Solutions

Product sizes that match customer needs, from individual components to customized kits.

Exceptional Value

Quality products and services delivered on time. The average Omega Bio-tek customer realizes a significant reduction in their consumable costs.


ISO 13485 and 9001 certified for quality manufacturing that allows product Lot traceability with rigorous quality and process controls.



“Without (the Omega Bio-tek) team, my research would not be possible. There was no way I could generate DNA sequences from 100s-1000s of samples within the 36-hour – 10-day limit placed on PCR by the competitor kits… I am so thankful that you optimized a molluscan DNA extraction kit and suspect that I would have abandoned this line of inquiry over ten years ago if it had not been available.”
Dr. Jeffrey Nekola


Automating your workflow is easier with dedicated support from an experienced partner. Our automation scientists have broad experience implementing Omega Bio-tek kits on liquid handlers from most leading liquid handlers and magnetic processors and are uniquely qualified to help you find the right solution.

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