High-throughput, 384-well Plate-based Solution for Plant DNA Isolation

Up to 768 fresh, frozen, or dried plant tissue samples can be processed in approximately 1.5 hours.


Omega Bio-tek, a leading nucleic acid purification kit manufacturer, announces its new plant genomic DNA purification kit, the E-Z 384 Plant DNA HT Kit. The new 384-well silica filter plate-based kit is capable of isolating genomic DNA from up to 768 samples in 1.5 hours when processing two plates in parallel. This kit allows rapid processing with low sample input and researchers will also benefit from the versatility of having both vacuum and centrifuge protocols.

Isolating genomic DNA from plant samples of fresh, frozen, or dried plant tissue can be difficult as some samples can be rich in polyphenols, polysaccharides, or have a low DNA content, all of which can interfere with extraction efficiency or inhibit downstream applications. The E-Z 384 Plant DNA HT Kit is based on robust CTAB lysis chemistry without the follow-up organic extraction: ensuring high-quality, high-quantity genomic DNA ideal for crop breeding and genotyping applications.

Travis Butts, Vice President of Omega Bio-tek says, “The E-Z 384 Plant DNA HT Kit was designed to address laboratories in the agriculture industry that need to process large volumes of plant samples rapidly and efficiently but do not have access to liquid handlers or magnetic processors. Large volume sample processing has been a significant bottleneck in performing population-level genomic studies. With this high-throughput kit, we aim to ease that and enable systems-based approaches for plant research.”

To explore all the benefits of this kit, visit: https://www.omegabiotek.com/product/384-plant-dna-high-throughput-extraction-kit/

By continuing to provide an expanding product portfolio and a wide variety of automation solutions, Omega Bio-tek is dedicated to helping high-throughput users streamline the purification processes that revolutionize life science.


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