Introducing the MagBinder Fit24

Nucleic acid purification has been Omega Bio-tek’s specialty for 25 years. We are happy to announce our first piece of hardware for research labs isolating DNA samples for downstream analysis. This device offers semi-automatic nucleic acid purification of high-quality DNA and RNA with consistent, repeatable results.

Whether you are working with blood, tissues, saliva, swabs, high-volume blood, or trying to extract elusive cfDNA, the sheer versatility of this new equipment is sure to make it an indispensable tool for diverse molecular biology research needs. Our pre-filled cartridges mean minimal hands-on time will boost laboratory efficiency, allowing you to focus on other tasks during purification.

This new instrument promises to deliver accurate and timely results, thereby reducing costs, and increasing productivity without compromising the quality of your work – all essential factors in safety protocols and compliance regulations.

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