E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit


  • Rapid – RNA isolation in 25 minutes
  • Versatile – Spin and vacuum formats available
  • Specialized System – Sample Homogenization and gDNA elimination in one step
  • Safe – No phenol/chloroform extractions
  • High-quality – RNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications

The E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Isolation Kit provides a rapid and easy method for RNA isolation from cultured cells or tissues. The kit includes RNA Homogenizer columns that integrate sample homogenization and genomic DNA elimination into one single step. The RNA purification process is simplified with HiBind® Mini Column technology and can be accomplished in 25 minutes. This convenient spin-column format requires no phenol or chloroform, avoids time-consuming steps such as CsCl gradient ultracentrifugation, precipitation with isopropanol or LiCl and allows for multiple samples to be processed in parallel. RNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA method is ready for applications such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, Northern blotting, next-generation sequencing, poly A+ RNA (mRNA) purification, nuclease protection, and in vitro translation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Downstream ApplicationRT-PCR, RT-qPCR, Northern blotting, next-generation sequencing, poly A+ RNA (mRNA) purification, nuclease protection, and in vitro translation.
Starting MaterialCultured cells and tissues
Starting Amount1 x 107 eukaryotic cells or 25-30 mg tissue
Elution Volume40-70 μL
RNA Binding TechnologySilica Mini spin column
Processing ModeManual (centrifugation or vacuum)
Throughput1 – 24
Final Purified ProductTotal RNA (> 200 nt)
RNA YieldUp to 100 µg
Processing Time25 min
Special NotesRNA Homogenizer Column that integrates sample homogenization and gDNA elimination into a single step
HiBind® RNA Spin ColumnsView Product
RNA Homogenizer Mini ColumnsView Product
2 mL Collection TubesView Product
GTC Lysis Buffer
RNA Wash Buffer IView Product
RNA Wash Buffer IIView Product
DEPC Water

RNA Yield Comparison

Figure 1. RNA yields obtained using the Omega and Company Q’s kits with tissue samples and cultured cell samples. One-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post-hoc analysis indicates that the RNA yield extracted using Omega Bio-tek’s kit was significantly better than that of Company Q’s (p < 0.01) for both the sample types tested.

RNA Integrity Analysis - Tissue

Figure 2. Purified RNA from tissue samples was analyzed on an Agilent Tapestation 2200 to provide integrity along with gel images. a) representative electropherogram – Company Q; b) representative electropherogram – Omega Bio-tek.

RNA Integrity Analysis - Cultured Cells

Figure 3. Purified RNA from cultured cells was analyzed on an Agilent Tapestation 2200 to provide integrity along with gel images. a) Representative electropherogram – Company Q; b) representative electropherogram – Omega Bio-tek.

gDNA Contamination

Figure 4. Genomic DNA contamination was estimated in the RNA purified using kits from Omega Bio-tek and Company Q.

Product Information

Quick GuideProduct ManualEnglish
Protocol ManualProduct ManualEnglish
E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA KitProduct LiteratureEnglish
A Performance Comparision Study: Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit (R6812) vs. Qiagen’s RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (74134)Application NoteEnglish

Safety Data Sheets

ComponentsHazard StandardsLanguagesLinkhf:tax:dlp_document_languagehf:tax:dlp_document_hazard-standard
DEPC WaterGHSSpanishspanishghs
DEPC WaterGHSEnglishenglishghs
DEPC WaterREACHDanishdanishreach
DEPC WaterREACHFinnishfinnishreach
DEPC WaterREACHFrenchfrenchreach
DEPC WaterREACHGermangermanreach
DEPC WaterREACHItalianitalianreach
DEPC WaterREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
DEPC WaterREACHSpanishspanishreach
DEPC WaterREACHEnglishenglishreach
DEPC WaterREACHSwedishswedishreach
DEPC WaterWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
DEPC WaterWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
GTC Lysis BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
GTC Lysis BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
GTC Lysis BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHGermangermanreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
GTC Lysis BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
GTC Lysis BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
GTC Lysis BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
RNA Wash Buffer IGHSEnglishenglishghs
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHEnglishenglishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHDanishdanishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHFinnishfinnishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IGHSSpanishspanishghs
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHFrenchfrenchreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHGermangermanreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHItalianitalianreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIGHSEnglishenglishghs
RNA Wash Buffer IWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
RNA Wash Buffer IWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHSwedishswedishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IREACHSpanishspanishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIGHSSpanishspanishghs
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHEnglishenglishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHDanishdanishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHFinnishfinnishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHFrenchfrenchreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHGermangermanreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHItalianitalianreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHSpanishspanishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIREACHSwedishswedishreach
RNA Wash Buffer IIWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
RNA Wash Buffer IIWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
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