E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit


Isolate DNA from molluscs and insects using spin columns.

  • Rapid – DNA isolation under 20 minutes following lysis
  • Reliable – Optimized buffer system guarantee pure DNA every time
  • High-quality – Purified DNA suitable for any application
  • Flexible – Optimized buffer system can isolate DNA from a wide range of samples

The E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit is designed for efficient recovery of genomic DNA from molluscs, insects, arthropods, roundworms, flatworms, and other invertebrate tissue samples rich in mucopolysaccharides. This kit can also be used with formalin preserved material or invertebrates frozen or preserved in alcohol or DNE solution.

The procedure relies on the well established properties of the cationic detergent, cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB), in conjunction with the selective DNA binding technology of Omega Bio-tek’s HiBind® matrix. Samples are homogenized and lysed in a high salt buffer containing CTAB and extracted with chloroform to remove mucopolysaccharides. Following a rapid alcohol precipitation step, DNA is bound to the HiBind® DNA Mini Column upon adjustment of binding conditions and further purified through multiple wash steps. In this way, salts, proteins and other contaminants are removed to yield high-quality genomic DNA suitable for downstream applications such as endonuclease digestion, thermal cycle amplification, and hybridization techniques.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Starting Amount50 mg
Starting MaterialMolluscs, insects, arthropods, roundworms, flatworms, and other invertebrate tissue samples rich in mucopolysaccharides
Yield100 µg
Elution Volume50-100 μL
TechnologyHiBind® DNA Mini Column
Processing ModeManual

Yield & Quality

Figure 1. Genomic DNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit. Purified genomic DNA from various mollusc tissue was isolated with the E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit. DNA was extracted from 30 mg mollusc tissue as follows: sample 1 from oyster sticking muscle, sample 2 from oyster muscle, sample 3 from mussel muscle, and sample 4 from river snail. Genomic DNA (10% of total purified DNA) was analyzed on a 1% agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the DNA. M: CL5000 DNA Marker.

PCR Analysis

Figure 2. Amplification of genomic DNA isolated from 4 mollusc tissue samples using the E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit. DNA from mollusc tissue samples was isolated with the E.Z.N.A.® Mollusc & Insect DNA Kit as follows: sample 1 from oyster sticking muscle, sample 2 from oyster muscle, sample 3 from mussel muscle, and sample 4 from river snail. DNA was purified from 4 types of mollusc tissue samples. A total of 2 µL of each eluate was amplified with a PCR master mix and SSR primers to determine whether inhibitors were present in the eluted DNA. Each lane contains 20% PCR product separated on a 2% agarose gel. M: DL2000 DNA Marker. N: Negative control.

Product Information

Protocol ManualProduct ManualEnglish

Safety Data Sheets

ComponentsHazard StandardsLanguagesLinkhf:tax:dlp_document_languagehf:tax:dlp_document_hazard-standard
BL BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
BL BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
BL BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
BL BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
BL BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
BL BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
BL BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
BL BufferREACHGermangermanreach
BL BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
BL BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
BL BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
BL BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
BL BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
DNA Wash BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
DNA Wash BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
DNA Wash BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHGermangermanreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
DNA Wash BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
DNA Wash BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
Elution BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
Elution BufferREACHGreekgreekreach
Elution BufferREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
Elution BufferREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Elution BufferREACHDutchdutchreach
Elution BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Elution BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Elution BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
Elution BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
Elution BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Elution BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
Elution BufferREACHGermangermanreach
Elution BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Elution BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Elution BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
Elution BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
Elution BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
HBC BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
HBC BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
HBC BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
HBC BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
HBC BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
HBC BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
HBC BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
HBC BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
HBC BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
HBC BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
HBC BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
HBC BufferREACHGermangermanreach
HBC BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
ML1 BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
ML1 BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
ML1 BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
ML1 BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
ML1 BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
ML1 BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
ML1 BufferREACHGermangermanreach
ML1 BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
ML1 BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
ML1 BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
ML1 BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
ML1 BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
ML1 BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Proteinase K SolutionREACHGreekgreekreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Proteinase K SolutionGHSEnglishenglishghs
Proteinase K SolutionGHSSpanishspanishghs
Proteinase K SolutionREACHEnglishenglishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHDanishdanishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHGermangermanreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHItalianitalianreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHSpanishspanishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHSwedishswedishreach
Proteinase K SolutionWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Proteinase K SolutionWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Proteinase K SolutionREACHDutchdutchreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
RNase AWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
RNase AWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
RNase AREACHSwedishswedishreach
RNase AREACHSpanishspanishreach
RNase AREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
RNase AREACHItalianitalianreach
RNase AREACHGermangermanreach
RNase AREACHFrenchfrenchreach
RNase AREACHFinnishfinnishreach
RNase AREACHDanishdanishreach
RNase AREACHEnglishenglishreach
RNase AGHSSpanishspanishghs
RNase AGHSEnglishenglishghs
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