E-Z Select™ 24-Well Plate, 25mL


  • Large Capacity: Extra Deep wells, 25 mL/well
  • Automatable: Large volume applications on open-ended liquid handlers
  • Unique: Movement adapters for safe and secure on-deck plate movement

E-Z Select(TM) 24-Well Plate, 25mL (16 plates/pack)

SKU# PS24N-25SWV-16


E-Z Select 24-well Plate, 25 mL is designed for performing large volume applications on automated platforms such as Hamilton Microlab® STAR or equivalent. These plates allow processing of larger sample volumes without sample splitting that not only conserves the deck space on the robot but also significantly increases the throughput. The plates are ANSI/SLAS footprint compliant and are compatible with standard 24-well magnets as well as the Hamilton Microlab® STAR CO-RE 96 Multi-Probe Head or equivalent. The wells of the 24-well plate have a square top with a pyramid bottom for efficient mixing of large sample volumes.The plate design includes unique movement adapters on the sides that can be gripped by Hamilton Microlab® STAR CO-RE Paddles or equivalent to allow safe and secure on-deck plate movement. Each well of the plate has a working volume up to 21 mL and a maximum fill volume of 24 mL.

Important: Please ensure the use of E-Z Select 24-well Plate, 25 mL in conjunction with your liquid handler is within the intended use specifications set by the manufacturer. Please contact your Omega Bio-tek representative for instrument-specific instructions. Please be advised that the product may be used for other applications. However, user is responsible for validating suitability for alternative uses.

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