Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA 96 Kit


Isolate viral DNA & RNA from whole blood, serum, plasma & bodily fluids using magnetic beads.

Ready-to-implement automated purification solution

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The Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit is designed for rapid and reliable isolation of viral DNA and RNA from cell-free samples such as serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, and other biological samples such as swabs, aspirates, etc. The Mag-Bind® paramagnetic bead technology is optimized for the recovery of low viral titer and provides high-quality viral DNA or RNA suitable for direct use in most downstream applications such as RT-PCR, PCR, and other enzymatic reactions. The extraction methodology is easily adaptable to various automated systems and can be scaled up or down depending on the amount of starting material used. The kit is not designed to separate cellular DNA from viral nucleic acids and cellular nucleic acid will be co-purified if present.

Protocols are available for the following automated platforms:

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Starting Amount50 µL – 200 µL
Starting MaterialSerum, plasma, saliva and other body fluids
Elution Volume20-50 μL
TechnologyMagnetic Beads
Processing ModeAutomated, Manual
Throughput8 – 96
Mag-Bind® Particles CNRCall for Pricing
TNA Lysis Buffer
VHB BufferView Product
Carrier RNA
Proteinase K Solution (40 mg/mL)Call for Pricing
SPR Wash Buffer
Nuclease-free WaterView Product

qPCR Comparison

Figure 1. HBV virus (in quantities of 10 and 1 infectious unit[s]) was spiked into 200 µL human serum. Viral nucleic acid was isolated with Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit and with a comparable kit from Company A according to recommended protocols. 5 µL of template was used for a SYBR® Green-labeled qPCR reaction which was replicated 4 times. The resulting mean Ct values are shown in the above figure.

Inhibitor-free DNA & RNA

Figure 2. Nucleic acid was isolated from 200 µL of human whole blood with Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA Kit and a comparable kit from Company A using the manufacturer’s recommended protocols. The extractions were eluted in 100 µL. Three concentrations of template were used as templates in a SYBR® Green-labeled qPCR reaction. Each reaction was performed in quadruplicate and the mean Ct value is depicted in the above figure.

Targeting Influenza B

Figure 3. 50 µL of ZeptoMetrix’s NATtrol Influenza A/B Positive Control standard was spiked into 150 µL of human serum and viral nucleic acids were extracted using Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA 96 Kit. Average Ct values obtained after amplification using Influenza B primers are shown above. The results indicate positive detection of Influenza B in both undiluted and 10-fold diluted purified samples.

Product Information

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Quick GuideEnglish
Protocol ManualEnglish
Mag-Bind® Viral DNA/RNA 96 KitEnglish

Safety Data Sheets

ComponentsHazard StandardsLanguagesLinkhf:tax:dlp_document_languagehf:tax:dlp_document_hazard-standard
Carrier RNAGHSEnglishenglishghs
Carrier RNAGHSSpanishspanishghs
Carrier RNAREACHEnglishenglishreach
Carrier RNAREACHDanishdanishreach
Carrier RNAREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Carrier RNAREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Carrier RNAREACHGermangermanreach
Carrier RNAREACHItalianitalianreach
Carrier RNAREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Carrier RNAREACHSpanishspanishreach
Carrier RNAREACHSwedishswedishreach
Carrier RNAWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Carrier RNAWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Carrier RNAREACHDutchdutchreach
Carrier RNAREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Carrier RNAREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRGHSEnglishenglishghs
Mag-Bind Particles CNRGHSSpanishspanishghs
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHEnglishenglishreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHDanishdanishreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHGermangermanreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHItalianitalianreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHSpanishspanishreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRREACHSwedishswedishreach
Mag-Bind Particles CNRWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Mag-Bind Particles CNRWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Nuclease-free WaterGHSEnglishenglishghs
Nuclease-free WaterGHSSpanishspanishghs
Nuclease-free WaterREACHEnglishenglishreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHDanishdanishreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHGermangermanreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHItalianitalianreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHSpanishspanishreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHSwedishswedishreach
Nuclease-free WaterWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Nuclease-free WaterWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Nuclease-free WaterREACHDutchdutchreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
Proteinase K SolutionGHSEnglishenglishghs
Proteinase K SolutionGHSSpanishspanishghs
Proteinase K SolutionREACHEnglishenglishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHDanishdanishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHGermangermanreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHItalianitalianreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHSpanishspanishreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHSwedishswedishreach
Proteinase K SolutionWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Proteinase K SolutionWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Proteinase K SolutionREACHDutchdutchreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
SPR Wash BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
SPR Wash BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
SPR Wash BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHGermangermanreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
SPR Wash BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
SPR Wash BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
SPR Wash BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
TNA Lysis BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
TNA Lysis BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
TNA Lysis BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHGermangermanreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
TNA Lysis BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
TNA Lysis BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
TNA Lysis BufferREACHDutchdutchreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHHungarianhungarianreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
VHB BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
VHB BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
VHB BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
VHB BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
VHB BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
VHB BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
VHB BufferREACHGermangermanreach
VHB BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
VHB BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
VHB BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
VHB BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
VHB BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
VHB BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
VHB BufferREACHDutchdutchreach
VHB BufferREACHHungarianhungarianreach
VHB BufferREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
Carrier RNAREACHGreekgreekreach
Nuclease-free WaterREACHGreekgreekreach
Proteinase K SolutionREACHGreekgreekreach
TNA Lysis BufferREACHGreekgreekreach
VHB BufferREACHGreekgreekreach
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