Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Genomic DNA Purification from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Samples

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples are commonly used for preserving and storing biological samples, such as cancer tumor samples, for future analysis. However, the formalin fixation and paraffin embedding process can significantly impact the quality and yield of extracted DNA, making it challenging for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS.

Omega Bio-tek developed the Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit to address these challenges, one of the most advanced solutions for genomic DNA purification from FFPE tissue samples. The kit uses magnetic bead technology to extract high-quality genomic DNA with high yield and purity, even from older, difficult-to-process samples. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-purity genomic DNA: The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit ensures the preservation of DNA integrity, even from heavily degraded FFPE samples, allowing for accurate downstream analysis.
  • High yield: The magnetic bead-based technology used in the Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit results in exceptional yield by reversing formalin crosslinking of nucleic acids resulting in typical yields ranging from 6 to 10 µg of genomic DNA per 5 to 10 µm sample section.
  • Fast and easy protocol: The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit protocol is fast and requires only 6 hours to process 96 samples. 
  • Automatable: The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit can be used on most open-ended liquid handlers such as the Hamilton Star and Tecan Fluent™.

The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit vs. Traditional Methods of Genomic DNA Purification

Traditional methods of genomic DNA purification from FFPE tissue samples, such as phenol-chloroform extractions and column-based kits, often suffer from low yield, poor DNA quality, and a time-consuming protocol. The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit offers several advantages over these traditional methods, including higher yield, better DNA quality, and a faster and more convenient protocol. The buffers included in this kit are specially formulated to optimize the reversal of formalin cross-linking without the need for overnight digestion, cutting down on processing time.

How Does the Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit Work?

The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit consists of four main steps: deparaffinization, tissue and protein digestion, genomic DNA binding to magnetic beads, and genomic DNA elution.

The FFPE tissue sample is lysed during the tissue digestion step, releasing the genomic DNA. The protein digestion removes any residual proteins, and the genomic DNA is then selectively bound to the magnetic beads in the binding stage. After a couple of washes, the bound genomic DNA is easily eluted from the magnetic beads in the elution step, ready for your downstream application.


The Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit is an optimized solution for genomic DNA purification from difficult-to-process FFPE tissue samples. Its magnetic bead-based technology ensures the high yield and purity of genomic DNA, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for research labs. The simple and fast protocol and its versatility and effectiveness make the Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit the preferred choice for extracting high-quality genomic DNA from FFPE tissue samples. 

Try the Mag-Bind® FFPE DNA Kit for yourself! Request a sample kit and experience the benefits of using the most advanced solution for genomic DNA purification from FFPE tissues. For over 25 years, researchers have trusted Omega Bio-tek to provide the tools and resources needed to succeed in your research and make breakthrough discoveries.

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