E.Z.N.A.® HP Fungal DNA Kit

Isolate DNA from fungal samples with organic solvents using spin columns.

This product has been replaced with the E.Z.N.A.® HP Plant & Fungal DNA Kit.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The E.Z.N.A.® High Performance (HP) Fungal DNA Kit is designed for efficient recovery of genomic DNA from fresh and dried fungal tissue samples rich in polysaccharides or having lower DNA content. Up to 100 mg wet tissue (or 30 mg dry tissue) can be processed in less than 1 hour. The system combines the reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of the HiBind® matrix with the speed and versatility of spin-column technology to eliminate polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, and enzyme inhibitors from fungal tissue lysates. Purified DNA is suitable for PCR, restriction digestion, and hybridization techniques.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Starting Amount100 mg wet tissue (or 30 mg dry tissue)
Starting MaterialFresh and dried fungal tissue samples rich in polysaccharides or having lower DNA content
Elution Volume50-100 μL
TechnologyHiBind® DNA Mini Column
Processing ModeManual
NoteOrganic extraction

Figure 1. Genomic DNA purified using the E.Z.N.A.® HP Fungal DNA Kit. Purified genomic DNA from various fungi was isolated with the E.Z.N.A.® HP Fungal DNA Kit. DNA was extracted from 100 mg fresh fungal tissue as follows: lane 1 from Ganoderma lucidum, lane 2 from Cardyceps sinesis, lane 3 from Agaricus campetris, lane 4 from Russula foetens. Genomic DNA (200 ng of total purified DNA) was analyzed on a 0.8% agarose gel to demonstrate yield and quality of the DNA. M: Lambda Hind III DNA Marker.

Product Information

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Protocol ManualEnglish

Safety Data Sheets

ComponentsHazard StandardsLanguagesLinkhf:tax:dlp_document_languagehf:tax:dlp_document_hazard-standard
CSPL BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
CSPL BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
CSPL BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
CSPL BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
CSPL BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
CSPL BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
CSPL BufferREACHGermangermanreach
CSPL BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
CSPL BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
CSPL BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
CSPL BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
CSPL BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
CSPL BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
CXD BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
CXD BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
CXD BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
CXD BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
CXD BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
CXD BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
CXD BufferREACHGermangermanreach
CXD BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
CXD BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
CXD BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
CXD BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
CXD BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
CXD BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
DNA Wash BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
DNA Wash BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
DNA Wash BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
DNA Wash BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHGermangermanreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
DNA Wash BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
DNA Wash BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
DNA Wash BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Elution BufferGHSEnglishenglishghs
Elution BufferGHSSpanishspanishghs
Elution BufferREACHDanishdanishreach
Elution BufferREACHEnglishenglishreach
Elution BufferREACHFinnishfinnishreach
Elution BufferREACHFrenchfrenchreach
Elution BufferREACHGermangermanreach
Elution BufferREACHItalianitalianreach
Elution BufferREACHNorwegiannorwegianreach
Elution BufferREACHSpanishspanishreach
Elution BufferREACHSwedishswedishreach
Elution BufferWHMSEnglishenglishwhms
Elution BufferWHMSFrenchfrenchwhms
Elution BufferREACHDutchdutchreach
Elution BufferREACHHungarianhungarianreach
Elution BufferREACHPortugueseportuguesereach
Elution BufferREACHGreekgreekreach
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