Mag-Bind® Environmental DNA 96 Kit: High Quality Extractions from Inhibitor-rich Samples

The characterization of the metagenomics of an ecosystem is an integral part of environmental research and understanding the role microorganisms play within their ecosystem. However, isolating high-quality DNA to allow for this characterization can be a challenge when it is being extracted from samples rich in inhibitors, such as humic and fulvic acid.

The Mag-Bind® Environmental DNA 96 Kit was developed by Omega Bio-tek to address these challenges. This Kit allows rapid and reliable isolation of DNA from soil, water and other environmental samples that is suitable for myriad downstream applications. Omega Bio-tek’s cHTR Reagent effectively removes humic acid, as well as other PCR inhibitors, allowing for purified DNA that can be used for PCR, 16S Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing, and Next-Generation Sequencing. The magnetic bead technology utilized by this Kit also allows this workflow to be automated; up to 96 soil samples can be processed in 120 minutes using automated liquid handlers or magnetic processors.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unique, Effective Reagents: The cHTR Reagent present in this Kit removes a number of PCR inhibitors, including humic acid.
  • Quick and Easy Protocol: The Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96 Kit can process 96 samples in 2 hours when automated on a liquid handler or magnetic processor.
  • High-quality Extractions: The DNA purified with the Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96 Kit is suitable for use in a wide variety of downstream applications.
  • Stands up to the Competition: Omega Bio-tek’s Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96 Kit isolates higher yield and higher quality DNA than a competing Kit1.

How Does the Kit Work?

The Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96 Kit employs four major steps: lyse, bind, wash, and elute.  The system utilizes Omega Bio-tek’s E-Z 96 Disruptor Plates C Plus which are pre-aliquoted with beads of different sizes in a convenient 96-well format for efficient sample homogenization. Humic acid, proteins, polysaccharides, and other contaminants are removed using our proprietary cHTR Reagent. DNA binding is accomplished by mixing the lysed sample with our Mag-Bind Particles RQ. From there, three wash steps remove trace contaminants, and high-quality DNA is eluted in low ionic strength buffer. The DNA purified with this Kit is then immediately ready for employment in your downstream application without the need for further purification.


The Mag-Bind Environmental DNA 96 Kit is the optimal solution to extracting high-quality DNA from inhibitor-rich environmental samples. Our proprietary cHTR Buffer removes a number of inhibitors from the sample, leading to higher quality extractions. Omega Bio-tek’s  Mag-Bind technology allows automation of the Kit’s workflow on open-ended liquid handlers or magnetic processors, providing the ability to process 96 samples in 2 hours.

Request a sample kit and experience the benefits of using the most advanced solution for DNA purification from environmental samples!




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